Saturday, July 18, 2015

Cobra in Austin

On Tuesday, there was a report that an unconscious body was found in a car at the Lowes parking lot by Parmer and I-35. Upon investigating, it was found that the car contained a bullfrog, a snake, and several tarantulas. The man in question, Grant Thompson, was taken to the hospital where he died or was pronounced dead on arrival. He reportedly had punctures on his wrist consistent with a snake bite, and a monocled cobra was missing from his apartment.

The latest news is that the cobra was found on a service road, apparently run over by a car. The snake will be examined to see if it is compatible with the wound on the man. Additionally, specimens will be outsourced for DNA analysis to try to confirm whether the man was bitten by this snake. Meanwhile, a toxicology report is being done to confirm whether the man died from a snake bite.

Some news articles are reporting that the event is being investigated as suicide by snake, although I've yet to see any reason to make such an assumption. Perhaps they're simply considering all options.

What is LardSmack?

I wanted to start a blog that was about things currently being discussed in the news and social media. Most of the names I came up with were taken already, so I thought maybe if I thought outside the box a bit I'd have more luck. LardSmack is a one word version of "chewing the fat". That is all.